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By | October 21, 2017

Home Depot credit card is a retail card and is issued by Citi bank. There different types of cards that can be used for different purposes. One can apply for Home Depot credit cards online as well as can access the account online too. Customer also can check Home Depot credit card application status online. For more help contact on support phone number.

Home Depot credit card

How can I apply for a Home Depot Credit Card?

You can apply for Home Depot credit cards either online or in Home Depot stores. Given below are the links for applying for the main Home Depot credit cards. There are few other links that provide information related to these cards.

  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Application

You can apply for the Home Depot Consumer credit card online at This is issued by Citibank.

  • The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge Account Application

You can apply online for this at This credit card is for business use and you can track purchases by PO name, Job Name or Job Number. Bill payment for this card can be done each month or one can select the option for “revolve” balances from one billing period to the next.

  • The Home Depot Commercial Account Application

If you are interested in buying a Home Depot business credit card without the option of revolve balances, you can apply for this credit card. To apply for it online, you go to the website For this commercial credit account, you have to pay off in full every month.

  • Home Depot Credit Center

This page at takes you to the main page where you get information on all Home Depot credit cards. It includes links to card applications, details on individual card offerings and customer service phone numbers. If you are not sure of what card you should get, you can go through the details provided here.

  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Terms & Conditions

You must go through the terms and conditions for this card at this page at, if you are to apply for a new Home Depot consumer credit card. It is a PDF document and gives information about interest rate, fee, card terms etc.

  • Home Depot Credit Card Customer Service

You can go to this link here at and find the Home Depot credit card customer service phone number. You can contact the customer service representative at the phone number specified, if you have any query regarding the cards. You can also refer to the answers to common questions.

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