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By | August 4, 2017
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BVA online auction: Here we will discuss on BVA auctions veilingen openbare veiling, bva auctions inloggen, review and contact number. Normally when we heard the word auction then we first think of auction of property, right? It is because generally property auction is often comes in reading and in discussion. In fact many of us still have knowledge about property auction only.


veilingen openbare verkoop

They do not even know that rather than property, other movable or no movable products can also be possible to auction. Yes, what you are reading here is true. It happens with all of us that at one point of time we fed up from using the same products and same way with some people also happens that they can’t afford new products, so they prefer to buy used one only. Let’s check more details about veilingen openbare verkoop and bva auctions inloggen.


Go to Veilingen Openbare Veiling and check all details online. Well in this situation auction is the only option where both the types of users can be satisfy. The one who is planning to sell the products and one who is planning to buy used products. Now the question comes of the place where this selling and buying can become possible, right? So don’t worry about it anymore because you don’t need to go anywhere to sell or buy your products.

Everything is easily possible online at BVA Yes this is the online place where you can easily sell and buy products from a wide range of your choice of products. In fact this is the subject of discussion here today. We will explain you here what is BVA Auction is exactly and how it works, what other services are offered by this company and many more. Before we start discussion on any other topic related to BVA Auction, let’s first take a quick look at the brief introduction about the company here below.

About Nederland

BVA Auctions is basically a part of the Auctio Group that operates offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. The Auctio Group operates total 11 auction sites and is one of them. BVA Auction is the largest auction house in Europe. It was founded in year 2003. Registered office of the company is located at Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Basically what does it do is on behalf of various parties it auctioned include company assets, real estate and new products.It auctions goods and real estate on behalf of banks, receivers, lease companies, industry, and corporations. These are not only bankruptcy auctions, but also auctions from overstock.

The company places more than 140,000 products every month on their site. That is why it is also known as ‘lots’ in auction terms. That is also mentioned in company’s logo as well “Lots to offer”. The company always tries to do the best every day to surprise users with excellent products at a low price.

In more we can say about BVA Auctions is that the company is first and largest online auction platform where monthly millions of people throughout the world visit to discover the wide range of products in auctions. BVA Auction offers products for consumers, middle and small businesses and large industrial companies. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights of some important numbers about the company here below.

  • More than 5.000 auctions per year
  • More than 860.000 bids per month
  • Approx. 1.300.000 registered customers
  • Bidders from over 95 countries

Aren’t these numbers are enough to know the popularity of the company? Still if you are not satisfied with these numbers then we can give you more reasons for why BVA Auctions.

Why BVA Auctions because,

  • Wide and different range of products at a very competitive price
  • Over 140,000 new lots per month
  • High customer ratings
  • Customer everyday accessible
  • Safe, reliable and amazingly

Register and Log in BVA Auction account

As we mentioned above that it’s a completely online process so that user need to get register first at In just few steps one can easily create an account and get registered. User needs to provide some personal information like name, address, email address; select type of the account either consumer or business; decide the username and password and can easily create an account. Once the account created successfully, for buy and sell procedure, user need to log in the same.

For log in, go to the official website in your browser and press the “Inloggen” tab located on the top right hand side corner of the homepage. This will open bva auctions inloggen page that looks alike,

bva auctions Nederland

As you can see in above snapshot, all you have to do is to enter username and password and press login button to login your BVA Auctions account. If you wish the device to remember your login details then you can check the box “Remember my login information for one month”. In case it happens that you forgot your log in details then you can takehelp of the links available there to retrieve username and password accordingly. For new user who don’t have an account, can create account as well.

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