Health Insurance Literacy Survey, Measure and Curriculum

By | September 26, 2017

Health Insurance Literacy Survey, Measure and Statistics

Let’s discuss on Health Insurance Literacy Survey, Measure, Statistics and Curriculum. As per one estimation, one out of three Americans got trouble in reading, understanding and acting on medical information and instructions. Health illiterate people have difficulty in filling out medical forms, managing a chronic disease and understanding how to take medication on time.

Health insurance literacy measure

Older adults, people with less education, limited English proficiency and low income grouped people mostly found difficulty in above matters. This literacy problem costs more than $100 billion every year. This lack of understanding turns in cost of huge money.

Along with reading ability, writing, listening, and arithmetic skills are also plays an important role. All skills should put to use at the time of evaluating credibility of medical information, analyze risks and benefits, calculate dosages and interpret test results. Often times patients’ health depends on their ability to perform activities.

To overcome from this problem, the insurance industry send new questions and answers about health plans nationally to assess how well doctors and insurers communicate with patients. For example, a patient of asthma with less literacy is less likely to understand for usage of inhaler properly. Illiterate people often forget about their regular medical check- ups or flu shot.

Our health system is not proved succeed in providing easy to use information. Questions health plans are design to be aware about their written forms and materials, web sites, nurse call lines and disease management programs which is developed by epidemiologist of Emory University. This change can save money and improve people’s health plan status.

Many times insurance forms and coverage limits are in grumble language that can’t even understand by highly educated patients. Insurance companies may train well their employees to communicate better with their clients and also provide written materials in simple language that anyone can read them properly.

American’s Health Insurance Plan is also sending out the questionnaires to improve insurer’s communications with their patients. Insurance industry is trying for good changes. From past fifteen years, efforts were made to improve health literacy amongst doctor’s interactions with patients. And now it’s insurance company’s turn. Because of low literacy, hospitalization cases, death rates, medical complications and cases of re admissions to hospital are increased.

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