Hole-in-one and other Odd Insurance Policies Reviews and Application

By | November 4, 2017

Hole-in-one and other Weirdest Insurance Policies Reviews and Application

Weird Insurance Policies Reviews and Application: Hole-in-one is when a player hits the ball directly from the tee into the cup with one shot. This is not possibly done with player who normally does not play golf much. Similar in insurance policy, one who does not have much knowledge about insurance policies, ever need hole-in-one insurance policy.

Hole in one insurance proposal form

Generally, golfers buy drinks at the golf course bar after hitting a hole-in-one. Every member automatically pays a small amount of dues into a fund that covers about $250 worth of drinks. Members pay $10 per year at Kitsap Golf and Country Club in Bremerton and get a $100 pro shop credit and $100 food and beverage credit after hitting a hole-in-one.

C” cover the costs of buying drinks at the bar at club and The Reserve Club at Woodside Plantation charges $10 from golf club members for sign up. All members of program are billed $5 to replenish it when the fund drops below $200. National Hole-in-one Association organize charity tournament around the country and sells insurance policy to cover prize money for lucky golf winner. The well known name in golf world, Tiger Woods had two shots to make hole-in-one for £2 million before 8 years, in Hyde Park in English. The report was published by the president of the National Hole-in-One Association.

The South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a private non-profit organization located at Miami, Florida which was established in 1992. It has held fundraiser event for 10 years to raise money for local horses by paying $200 for the insurance in case someone sinks one shot.

To cover bar tabs, individual insurance is very popular in Japan and United Kingdom whereas, United States is not much in fever as there are different expectations.

Most of the claims for odd insurance are filed in Europe. This kind of claim is common when they involve animals. Odd insurance includes insurance for fingers, various body parts, kidnap and ransom insurance and alien abduction insurance. Hole-in-one insurance policy is such that the policy holder thrill to claim and the most attractive advantage of this insurance settlement is its free round of drinks.

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