How Long Can My Child Stay on My Health Insurance?

By | October 16, 2017

Can I Drop My Child from My Health Insurance?

Can parent take child off health insurance: College students also need health insurance coverage though they don’t really want to do bungee jumps from 200 feet. According to the recent e-Health Insurance survey, about 40% parents do not want to keep their adult children on their health insurance until 26 year age of children. Here we will discuss on the common question of parents; do I have to keep my child on my health insurance until they are 26?

Can my parents kick me off?

74% surveyed college students say that it is better to live at home for the first year after college, if they are not covered with health insurance plan. Around 93% surveyed college grads said that if they are allow to afford health insurance, they will give up a weekly evening night out for movies and restaurants and save that money after health insurance plan if provided.

Under the old health law, insurers cover children up to age 19 unless a child is a full time college student. If children are college students, they are getting benefit till the age 24 or 25. The new Affordable Care Act allows parents to carry their adult children on their health insurance plans until age of 26 whether they attend college or not. In old law, some parents put their children in different training programs or in classes so that they could continue provide coverage as they were learning.

As per the survey, around 31% college students are covered with health insurance policy which is covered under their parents plan or own individual plan. If health insurance plan is through an employer’s group health insurance family plan and does not require an additional cost to add family members, then parents can take back their children into continue plan. But if parent’s plan requires adding an extra cost to incur, it is advisable to seek for an individual health plan for children.

An individual health insurance premium cost for 19 to 26 year old person is around $120 to $130 per month. But young people do not prefer to pay more premiums on health plan because they are young and healthier. College students may adopt short term health insurance, for instance, it may be for 6 months or 1 year. This term insurance will fill up the gap between graduation days and a job from an employer who offers insurance.

Many parents wish to take an individual health plan for their children who are living out of state because out of network prices are too expensive.

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