Hurricane Irma Puerto Rico Live Stream 2017 – 1 Million left without Power

By | September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma strikes Puerto Rico Live Stream 2017: 1 Million left without Power

Watch Hurricane Irma Puerto Rico Live Stream 2017: Hurricane Irma has left over 1 million residents of Puerto Rico without power. According to the chief executive of the electric utility in the island, about 2/3rd of its customers were without power supply on late Wednesday. About 56,000 people are having no access to potable water. Most people took shelter to temporary shelters arranged.

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Many streets were almost deserted. Most of the store shelves were out of bottled water, flashlights, batteries and other essentials. There was a huge rush at the gas stations. Schools and college classes were closed; the school buildings were prepared to accept refugees and stocked with supplies for them.

Hurricane Irma lashes Puerto Rico with Rain – Video Stream from YouTube:

A state of emergency has been declared in Puerto Rico and emergency funds from the federal government have been generated. Government agencies are taking necessary steps and following proactive approach.

The devastating hurricane was about 95 miles north of Dominican Republic, Punta Cuna at 5 a.m. ET early morning today. The wind was flowing at 180 mph followed by tremendous rainfall and flash flooding remains the biggest concern over there. The swells in the Atlantic Ocean can cause life-threatening surf.

Caribbean island territories of St. Martin and St. Barts have been devastated and suffered major landfall which took a death toll of at least eight people and left 23 injured.

Most buildings on Barbuda Island have been damaged. About 60% of residents on the island have been rendered homeless. Puerto Rico didn’t face such intensified storm since 1928. According to the forecast, the hurricane Irma will remain a category 4 or 5 till Friday. It will head towards the north along Turks & Caicos and the southeast Bahamas. It may bring 20 inches of rain with it. It is likely to hit Miami Sunday; it may strike as category 4 hurricane there. Then it will move towards southern Florida to South Carolina.

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