ippies Inloggen, Overzicht Webwinkels & Ervaringen – Cadeaukaart ippies.nl Telefoonnummer

By | December 25, 2017

ippies.nl inloggen, Overzicht Webwinkels & Ervaringen – Cadeaukaart ippies Telefoonnummer

Overzicht webwinkels ippies: Here we will discuss on ippies.nl inloggen, ervaringen, cadeaukaart, verdienen and their telefoonnummer. When it comes to shopping, most of us get excited, right? Well this is the era of online shopping means more choice, more stores and more convenience. How if we add one more word in this list, more savings? Yes, you can save on your online shopping. We are not talking about any particular discount deal or anything like that.

ippies.nl telefoonnummer

We are saying you that you can save every time on your online shopping. Excited to know how? Wait, we are going to explain you in detail here about it. Basically we know such things as loyalty or reward programs where you can earn points and win exciting prizes or can save on your next shopping etc.

ippies inloggen is very easy. About the website here we are going to discuss with you today is also an online loyalty of the Netherlands. Yes, the website we are going to talk about is based in the Netherlands. Name of this website is www.ippies.nl. What is ippies.nl and how it works, how one can save with this website and many detailed information we are going to provide you here today. Here we will check ippies overzicht webwinkels, ervaringen and cadeaukaart telefoonnummer. Before moving on any discussion let’s first take a quick look at brief introduction of the website here below.

About www.ippies.nl and how it works

Ippies.nl is basically a Dutch language e-commerce portal. It is basically the fastest online loyalty of Netherlands. It operates as an online reward programme. It allows shoppers to do shopping at more than 2,000 stores. It was founded in year 2007. This privately held company has gain popularity in marketing & advertising industry so fast. At Holland, the Netherlands head office of the company is situated.

Well as it is completely an online concept so some staff of 10 to 20 employees are working with ippies.nl. The basic fundamental of ippies.nl is anything you buy, you save ippies and great value as well. More than 200,000 consumers do shopping in more than 2,000 affiliated merchants at ippies.nl.

We tell you what exactly ippie is. An ippie is an internet point and 0.01 euro worth. This internet points you can save buy doing online purchases. You can spend your saved ippies or say points for online purchases such as clothing, gadgets or a day out or charity orat gift shops, pizza shops and webshops mentioned on the official website.

On www.ippies.nl you can able to see list of where you can spenden your ippies. You can buy and save it. The more you buy the more you can save it. All your saved ippies be stored in a free and personalized account. So, the whole concept works on three basic fundamentals.

  • Smart shopping
  • Quick save
  • Tasty spenden

How can you save ippies?

Well there is no any tough procedure to follow to save ippies. It is very easy and simple. Just by following few steps you can able to save it. All you need to do is,

  • First you need to join ippies.nl.
  • Then find the shop where you want to do online shopping.
  • After your purchase, save it automatically.

So it is as simple. However joining ippies.nl means you need to have an account to save your points. Once you created and inloggen ippies.nl account, your saved ippies will add in your account automatically. So now let’s check how to create and ippies.nl inloggen account.

How to create ippies.nl inloggen account?

Go to www.ippies.nl in your web browser and you can see “Create a free account” link on the top right corner of the homepage. Go to this link will take you to the page where you will ask to provide some information like name, email address, password etc. to create an account. Likewise besides this this link on homepage there is “inloggen” tab appears as well. Go to this tab will open a new window where you will ask to enter your log in details. To know how the log in page looks alike, take a look at below given snapshot of the same.

ippies ervaringen

As you can see in above snapshot, you just have to enter your email address and password and press on log on button to sing in your ippies.nl account. If you wish then you can also log in with your Facebook or Google account as well. In case it happens that you forgot your password then you can take help of the link “forgot your password?” to retrieve the same.

So, you see how easy and simple is to create and login ippies.nl account. What are you waiting for then? Create and ippies account and start shopping and saving points. The more you shop the more you save. Where else you will get such opportunity to save on your online shopping?

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