KNHS Inloggen: Startlijsten & Indoorkampioenschappen 2019

By | April 23, 2019

KNHS Inloggen: Startlijsten & Indoorkampioenschappen 2019

KNHS Startlijsten: Here we will discuss on knhs indoorkampioenschappen 2019, Mijn KNHS Inloggen, knhs regio Gelderland, kring de baronie, centrum Ermelo, proeven and Brabant. Well many of us are fond of different sports but because of lake or support and or of any reason we never takeseriously our hobby of playing our choice of sports. At the same time there are people like that also who believe in anyhow live their hobby and they do as well. No doubt it requires time, money, support, coaching, training and many more. If you think that you have everything available with you then nobody can stop you to do so.

KNHS InloggenGenerally when it comes to sports first we think of well-known sports like cricket, football, hockey or any other. Let us clear you here that there are number of other sports as well and people also enjoy them as well. We all have heard about horse riding, right? More or less we all know that it is also taken as one of the games or say sport. In some countries horse racing is one of the famous sports. People love to watch such riding races.

Well this is not as easy as you think. The horse rider needs to be trained very well to participate in such races. Who provides this training to the riders? Where the riders can get training? Is there any federation who supports such activities? All answers to these questions we are going to give you here. Today we are going to tell you about such a federation from the Netherlands. People know this as KNHS that stands for Koninklijke Nederlandse Hippische Sportfederatie (Dutch National Equesrtian Federation). As we will move further in our discussion here, you will come to know more about KNHS, its activities, services, career opportunities and more. So, let’s first begin with brief overview of Startlijsten, KNHS Inloggen and knhs indoorkampioenschappen 2018 here below.

About KNHS Netherlands

KHNS is Dutch National Equestrian Federation in the Netherlands. Being a horse riding association, the KNHS is there for each horse exerciser. It was founded in year 2002. Ermelo, the Netherlands where headquarters of the federation is situated.In just few years of foundation, it has made name in sports industry in the Netherlands. No matter horse riding you are doing as hobby or want to make career in, KNHS always supports you. In fact if you are busy with preparations for the Olympics, the KNHS is there for you.The only motive of KNHS is to encourage as many people, young and old to practice riding sports and match their desire. The well-being of the horse and the horse exerciser is in everything KNHS do mainly. It operates from four main core values including respectful, involved, expert and open. All these four core values make KNHS special.

On visiting the official website you can able to get detailed information about KNHS webshops, KNHS centre, membership, calendar of matches, training courses and many more. Well there are number of online services you can use at their website. As here we are ask to focus only one of them, mijnknhs so we will discuss in detail about this only. So let’s start it.

About mijnknhs

Mijnknhs means My KNHS that your personal environment. Using My KNHS you can able to manage number of things online easily. Once you log in My KNHS then you can,

  • Manage your data
  • Subscribe to free newsletters
  • Courses
  • Training
  • Competitions
  • Enjoy the Ride rides

Well there are as many benefits of My KNHS then why should not go for it! However to enjoy these benefits of My KNHs, registration is compulsory. If you are not a registered member of KNHS then you can’t access these activities online. Don’t worry about because registration is very simple and easy. In just few steps you can easily get registered on My KNHS. All you need to do is to enter in your browser’s address bar. This will open a page where you can see tewo links. One is for log in directly if you have already an account and other is for sing up for free link if you are new and don’t have KNHS account yet.

You can press any of the links accordingly. If you will press the link Log in directly then it will take you to the page that looks alike,

log on

KNHS log onAs you can see above, you need to enter your username and password to log on your KNHS account. On this page even Register option is available. If you wish the device to save your log in details then you can check the box “Remember me”. Also there is a link “Forgot your username or password?” to help you in case you forgot and retrieve your log in details.

This is for who have an account already. For new members there registration process needs to follow first. N just 4 easy steps they can complete their registration and can able to log in successfully.

We would like to mention here that after logging in, you as a KNHS member can able to immediately use the exclusive member benefits and discounts.

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