Knwu Kalender, Uitslagen and Wedstrijdkalender 2019: Mijn

By | April 23, 2019

Knwu Kalender 2019: Mijn Veldrijden, Uitslagen and Wedstrijdkalender

Knwu wedstrijdkalender 2019: The Royal Dutch Cycling Union that known as or KNWU (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie) is basically the national governing body of cycle racing in the Netherlands. Here we will discuss on Knwu Kalender 2019, Veldrijden, Uitslagen and Wedstrijdkalender. We also check Mijn online access. Some people take sports as activity only but they maybe don’t know that people make their career in sports. For them sports is their passion. Actually we all have somewhere inside more or less interest in any sport but we never try to bring that come out just because of any reason like time management, training, unavailability of equipment for that sport, lake of support and motivation or any other.Obviously you need to give time and dedication if you really passionate about that sport then.

Knwu Kalender 2018In fact with time there are number of non-profit organizations work to promote and inspire such sports activities. Cricket, football, hockey, table tennis etc. are the common sports we all know about, right? But some other adventurous and interesting sports are also there. In fact nowadays people especially youth generation are taking interest in such activities. Yes, we are talking about races. Different types of races are organizing nowadays. Horse race, bike race, cycle race etc. All these activities are a part of sports only.


Well as per the need of our subject here today we will focus on cycling race and related topics only. Here we are going to tell you about the union based in the Netherlands that specially firmed for Cycling activities and races. Name of this union is Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie (royal Dutch Cycling Union). People better know this union with its abbreviated name KNWU. What is KNUW is exactly and what services it provides how one can join this union and can become a member, and many more information we are going to provide you here today. So let’s start with a brief introduction of Knwu Kalender, Knwu Uitslagen and Knwu Wedstrijdkalender 2018 here below.

About Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie (royal Dutch Cycling Union) (KNWU)

In year 1928 Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie non-profit organization was founded. The only goal of this union is to give satisfactory support for all types of cycling in sports loving Netherlands. KNUW is liablefor sportive, inexpensive and professional cycling on the Road, Track, MTB, BMX, Cyclcross and Paracyling in the Netherlands. It has the only mission to develop talents in these disciplines for national and international success.Headquarters of KNUW is at Nieuwegein, Netherlands. We would like to mention here that the KNUW is a member of the UCI and the UEC. There are timely different types of events organized by KNUW including,

  • Dutch Cycling Championships
  • Dutch National Road Race Championships
  • Dutch National Time Trial Championships
  • Dutch National Track Championships etc.

There is nothing wrong in saying that this National Federation is the shelter federation of and for cycling in the Netherlands. The KNUW is all about the top, racing and recreational. The union aims anyone better to learn cycling in the Netherlands.

How one can join KNUW?

Well there are various memberships for you like either you want to join as a rider of a club or as a coach or team leader or support worker or juror. In fact as an individual sports cyclists, you can contact KNUW. Once you make clear about what type of membership you want, all you need to do is to join KNUW. There are number of benefits of KNUW membership. Take a look below to know about the membership benefits. They are,

  • Being a KNUW member, you will receive attractive discounts.
  • At KNUW, you qualify with unique cycling experiences.
  • You will be a part to support the expansion of cycling in the Netherlands.
  • As a member, you drive all year round insured.
  • You can able to participate in national competitions.

What more you need? As a cyclist or say rider, you get maximum benefits on just becoming a KNUW member.

Not only this, once you join KNUW successfully then it allows you to manage things online as well. As a member, you can access KNUW online. However you need to log in first for this. To know how to access KNUW inloggen, go through below given steps.

  • Go to the official website in your web browser.
  • On homepage click the symbol available next to “Join >>” button on the top right side
  • Click on this symbol will direct you to the official page.
  • Enter your username and password and then press the “Inloggen” button.
  • In case you are new and don’t have login details then press “join?” link available at the bottom.
  • Also there is a link “forgot login?” to help you in case you forgot your login details and want to retrieve it.

So, you see how simple and easy to join as well as inloggen KNUW. For further information, competitions, events and other you can contact via email, mail or phone.

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