Land Title Insurance Costs at Closing and Best Companies

By | October 20, 2017

Property Title Insurance Costs at Closing and Best Companies

Land Title Insurance Costs/ Best Companies: As we all know that in the world growth of real estate sector is increased day by day. Thousands of transactions of selling and buying properties are taken place every day. The buyer of the property always make sure that the title of the property is legally clear and there is not any inclusion of defraud and defective title or illegal documentation of the property.


Property Title Insurance Companies

Title of the property should be legally cleared. As to avoid any fraud and forge documentation there is a facility of Title Insurance which protects you from any fraud and defective titles.


There are mainly two types of title insurance such as Owner’s title insurance and Lender’s title insurance. Banks always check title of the property than only sanction the loan application. 1) The owner’s title insurance ensures buyer that the title of the property is legally clear and the property you buy is free from any encumbrances. 2) The lender’s title insurance protects lenders if the title of the property is not clear and fails to meet obligations of liens.

The amount of the premium of title insurance depends on the type, size, cost and any other legal matters related with the property.

Benefits of Title Insurance

The concept of title insurance makes the property transaction more transparent and quicker. This concept was first introduced in the United Nations. It assures the credibility and legality of the title of the proposed property.

Therefore the buyer can make sure about the legality of the property which he is going to purchase and avoid the future litigation concerned with the property. It covers the risks pertaining to property title such as coverage against any illegal encroachment or forgery, fraudulent signatures, any defect and damage of ownership title, coverage of any unpaid taxes, mortgage, etc.

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