Zoeken: Mijn Lijstje Inloggen and Lootjes Trekken

By | May 29, 2018

Mijn Lijstje Inloggen and Lootjes Trekken: Zoeken zoek: It is a website in the Netherlands to publish your online wishlist. Here we will discuss on lijstje nl zoeken, meerdere lijstjes, maken, mijn vrienden, foto toevoegen, lootjes trekken, verwijderen and Mijn Lijstje Inloggen. We always look for the opportunity to gift something to our near and dear ones. However there are several occasions come like birthday or anniversary or any other.

Mijn Lijstje Inloggen and Lootjes TrekkenGenerally the method we use to gift something, first we go to the shop and choose the one then send or give personally hand to hand to one we want to gift that, right? This is the basic and well known method we all use mostly. But hey, when there are some more options in fact easier options are also available then why stuck to that old time consuming methods? As we all know things are easily available online nowadays.


Let’s check Zoeken step by step guide. You can easily do online shopping seating at your home then why so get into the trouble of going to the shop then spend time to choose the suitable gift and then make payment and get gift wrapped etc. Well we all more or less know about the online shopping but never try to know about benefits of that. Yes, benefits. The online platform is the best way you can use different ways. Have you heard about you can publish your wishlist online? If you haven’t then let we tell you about it.

Well wishlist word we generally see while doing online shopping. Here you can save the items or say products you like and feel like to buy that among many. Nowadays there are many websites have started to provide such services. Through such websites you can publish you wishlist online. Today here we are going to tell you about such website based in the Netherlands. Name of this website is

What is this and how it works and many more details we are going to provide you here. Before any other discussion let’s first take a quick look at brief introduction of lijstje zoeken, meerdere lijstjes, maken, lijstje mijn vrienden, foto toevoegen, lijstje lootjes trekken, verwijderen, Mijn Lijstje Inloggen and this website here below.

About is the main website in the Netherlands to publish your online wishlist. It was launched in year 2000. Just in few years after launched, this privately held company has made name in the industry of internet in the Netherlands. Headquarters of the company is located at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Well the procedure of work is held online so that not more manpower is required. There are about 10 to 20 employees only manage the things. We would like to mention some numbers here showing the popularity of the website. They are,

  • More than 700.000 users
  • Over 7 Million gifts
  • 12.000 birthdays each month

From the above mentioned numbers you can imagine how popular this website is! One of the main reasons of this is also the simple and easy procedure. Let’s take a look below to know how it works?

How it works?

Well as mentioned above to use this website is very easy and simple. All you need to do is to create your wishlist with just a few clicks and start adding gifts. For your convenience there is a product database is provided. So you just have to search for gifts in this product database or else you can also type in your own. After that pick a present to give from a friends list and buy it online from your favourite store. There is a wide range of stores available on this website. Here you will get an overview of the lowest prices as well. So you see how easy it is! Just few clicks and simple steps and you can easily but best yet at lowest price gift for your dear ones. What else we want?

One more benefit of doing online shopping of gifts at is it allows cross off the presents so you do not get double. All you have to do is to just keep wish to share with your friends and family.

Well what are you waiting for? Start making list. However you need to provide some information first like name, email address, password, etc. once you successfully filled up all asked information, you can press “Further” button there for next procedure.

On the website, a list of all the shops is available. Either it is a toy or readymade garment or footwear orany household product or any gift product or anything else. Each and every type of shops is available on this website. You can choose any from the available options.

However it is necessary to having an account at Well it is easy to create as well as login your account. Take a look below to know more about the same.

How to access inloggen?

How to access inloggenOn the homepage of the website you can able to see “Inloggen” tab on the top right corner. Click on this tab will open a new window where you will ask to enter your login name and password. For more idea, take a look at below given snapshot of the same.

Just enter your log in details and press “Inloggen” button. If you are new and not having an account yet then press the link “No account yet?” to create one.

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