Mijn FNV Inloggen – www.fnv.nl CAO Kleinmetaal/Ziekenhuizen/Gemeenten

By | September 1, 2017

Mijn Fnv.nl Inloggen – FNV CAO Kleinmetaal/Ziekenhuizen/Gemeenten

Fnv.nl Inloggen: Here we will discuss on FNV CAO Kleinmetaal, Ziekenhuizen and Gemeenten. It is always better to be in group than be a single; we think more of you will definitely agree on this statement. Also we can say that it is always having something better than nothing. Here we also check Mijn FNV Inloggen guide. Sometimes many situations come in our lives when we need more people with us.


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In simple language we can say that we need a type of union who can fight for our rights and help in getting justice. We never take this in our notice but from school or college time we started follow this leadership and union system. Not individuals like us but the Government of any country also run such unions as well. Fnv.nl Inloggen is very easy.


FNV CAO Kleinmetaal/Ziekenhuizen/Rijk/Gemeenten is most query. However these different types of Government unions are for the help of the public and to solve their issues. If you will search then you will come to know there are number of unions working for different purposes. Today here about the union we are going to discuss is also a federation or say association of different types of unions.

About the federation we will discuss on is from the Netherlands. Name of this federation is the Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging that means Dutch Federation of Trade Unions. People better know this federation with its abbreviated name FNV. What FNV is; how does it work; what are the activities of FNV; what useful online services offered by FNV and many more information you are going to get here. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with a brief overview about FNV here below.

About FNV Nederlandse

As you can see, the name of the federation itself specifies that FNV is the federation of more than one union. Yes, it is actually. It is an association of trade unions of the Netherlands. It was founded in year 1976. At that time it was founded as a federation of two unions, one was the Catholic NKV and other was the social-democratic NVV. And today with more than 1 million members FNV is the largest Dutch employee organization.

Currently the chairman of the federation, Ton Heerts, the trade union on behalf of 18 unions conducts discussions with government and employers. What makes FNV special is a strong economy, healthy labour relations, a good working atmosphere and animpartial social security. As since many years the federation is in service of the members, it made a special space in this Civic & Social Organization industry in the Netherlands. Headquarters of this non-profit organization is situated in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A huge number of staff of dedicated employees is working with this trade unions association.

Being the largest union in the Netherlands the only aim of FNV is to come up for members when they work, want to work or have worked. It understand at the end what everyone wants and deserves is just good work and a good income, right? Here we would like to mention that strong sectors are the foundation of them. The sectors of FNV have representatives in the governmental parliament. Now let’s take a quick look some of the main activities of FNV here below.

Activities of FNV.NL

Well there are many activities are fairly performed by FNV but if we take a look at some of the important of them then they include,

  • Collective bargaining negotiations on salaries
  • Negotiations on working conditions
  • Advises government through the Social Economic Council
  • To close hundreds of collective agreements each year
  • Operations carry on key themes
  • To give guest lessons throughout the country and many more.

Working with FNV

Who would not like to be a part of such an old and reputed organization, right? As the most of FNV activities are related to administration, posts are also like that only. On the website of the FNV www.fnv.nl you can visit the page “Working at the FNV” where you can able to get information about vacancies along with post description and requirements. If you feel that you are an eligible for any of those posts then you can apply for the same. Who knows maybe you get opportunity to work for more than 1 million members?

About Mijn FNV

Being a member of Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging, you are allowed to stay in touch with Mijn FNV online. This facility offered by the company is known as Mijn FNV. However to access this service, member needs to create profile first then only he/she can able to access my FNV account. On the homepage of the website, on top side you can see the link for Mijn Fnv.nl. Click on this link will take you to the official log in page that looks alike,

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As you can see in above snapshot, all you need to do is just enter your email address and password and then press “Inloggen” button to access Mijn FNV. There are number of benefits of using My FNV like,

With it you can:

  • Change your address information if required then
  • Pay your contribution
  • Change your account number
  • Make a member

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