NS Reisplanner Internationaal: Mijn www.ns.nl Account Aanmaken/ Inloggen

By | July 3, 2018

NS Internationaal Planner Int Rail: Mijn www.ns.nl Account Aanmaken/ Inloggen

NS planner reisplanner Nederlands: The Company offers different services including cargo and rail transportation, online ticket booking, and business cards. Here we will discuss on NS Reisplanner Internationaal, mijn ns account aanmaken, ns planner kaartje kopen and mijn ns inloggen. Public transportation is one of the very important services provided by the government of any country. Most of people everyday prefers to use public transport service like railway, bus or tram to travel one to another place. No doubt personal vehicles are also increasing as well but still there is huge number of people use government transportation service. Of course when millions of people are dependent on such transportation services to reach on time, they must be regular and proper, right?

NS Reisplanner InternationaalThe more accurate the services, the more they provide convenience to passengers. Well if we talk about public transportation especially run by the government of that country then they include mainly Railway, Bus and Tram. Among all these services Railways is the most used transportation service by the people. It is because for local as well as long travel, railway is the convenient option. In most of countries, railway is like a big corporation because of the grand business and responsibilities. Today here we are going to tell you about Dutch Railways (Nederland Spoorwegen) that generally known as NS.

Being a giant corporation of the Netherlands, NS is no more new to the people there. However who are new to NS can go through below details to know in detail about the company, its activities, career opportunities and many more. Very first let’s begin with a brief introduction of the company, ns reisplanner tickets, mijn ns account aanmaken, ns planner kaartje kopen and ns reisplanner international here below.

NS company profile

NS is the railway passenger services Provider Company based in the Netherlands. The company serves millions of passengers worldwide. It is the main passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. This state owned company was founded in year 1938. It comes under the control of the State of the Netherlands. It is one of the biggest names of the Rail transport industry.

It provides rail services on the Dutch principal rail network. Different subsidiaries of the company perform different duties including maintenance of rail infrastructure, Freight services etc. if we take a look at the numbers then NS runs around 4,800 scheduled domestic trains a day. More than 1.1 million passengers daily use NS services. Along with this, the company provides international rail services from the Netherlands to other European destinations as well. It also carries out concessions on some foreign rail markets through its subsidiary. Being active in the world of public transport, NS encourages the use of public transport. It keeps the Netherlands moving.

Let’s take a quick look at subsidiaries of NS. They are,

  • Abellio
  • Abellio Greater Anglia
  • Abellio ScotRail
  • Serco-Abellio
  • Qbuzz
  • NSRegio
  • Merseyrail

Above list shows how big the NS Empire is that runs such subsidiaries.

Now let’s see what exactly NS do and what are the near future plans of NS here below.

What NS do?

Well it can be a long list if we discuss NS activities in detail but here we will tell you in short about what NS activities are. They are,

  • Station Developments in terms of stations and station areas.
  • Because Passengers are the main priority of NS, it aims to provide easy, fast, safe yet affordable travel.
  • Equipment Maintenance for a nice trip trains.
  • Sustainable travels for the future.
  • In near future NS plans to drive all trains on green power.

It mean up to end all the activities of NS are associated with passenger convenience and better service.

To know about the organizational structure and management committees of NS you can visit the official website www.ns.nl . Here on this website you can also able to get detailed information about other important aspects of NS. Among them my NS service is very useful online service offered by NS. Let’s get know more about my NS service here below.

About my NS service

There are basically two types of my NS services. One is for consumer and another is for business. You can choose accordingly. Once you click on the either option, it will open an official log in page of my NS service. Take a look below to know how the consumer mijn NS inloggen page.

You have to enter your email address and password to log in your NS account. If you are new to my NS service then you can click on the link “create an account”. Also to help you to retrieve the password in case of you forgot there is a link available.

Once you successfully log in your NS account you can able to,

  • Manage your personal information
  • Ask for money back if you are not checked
  • See your travel details

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have NS account for online access then create it now!

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