OV-Chipkaart.nl/Registreer: Mijn OV Chipkaart Inloggen, Saldo Opvragen, Abonnement

By | July 13, 2018

Mijn OV Chipkaart Registreer/Inloggen: www.ov-chipkaart.nl Saldo Opvragen and Abonnement

OV-Chipkaart.nl/Registreer: Mijn OV Chipkaart Inloggen, Saldo Opvragen, Abonnement: There are many countries in the world getting more and more advanced. We are saying in terms of facilities and services provided to the citizens of that country. Here we will discuss on mijn ov chipkaart nl inloggen, kalender 2018, saldo bestellen, aanvragen, hoesje, adresvinder and automatischopladen. We also check ov-chipkaart.nl abonnement. We are really proud on such countries that first think of the public and their convenience. You can see there all things are punctual and of latest technologies. It means this helps public to save time. If we take an example of transportation services then metro rails, buses, trams and many other vehicles are for public transport. People can use them and can reach on time. Here we also check ov chipkaart kalender 2018.

Mijn OV Chipkaart RegistreerObviously when it comes to public transportation, it requires buying ticket first and then to travel, right? Well sometimes to stand in the long queue for ticket is become quite time consuming. That is why country like the Netherlands has started card system for public transportation. Yes, a single care you can use to travel via bus, metro rail, tram etc. We know it sounds very interesting and it is actually. Here we will explain you in detail about such type of cards and how they work. Before that lets get know the name of this service. It is called OV- chipkaart. It is the short form of Openbaar Vervoer chipkaart (Public Transport Chipcard). So, let’s get know about this interesting card and its functionality.

About OV-chipkaart

We can call OV- chipkaart the contactless smart card system. It is used for all public transport in the Netherlands. This card system was first launched in year 2005 in the Rotterdam metro and then it has been rotated to other areas and travel modes. After launch of OV-chipkaart the paper ticket system and the national strippenkaart system for buses, trams and metros are totally replaced with OV-chipkaart. This card is operated by Trans Link Systems. OV-chipkaart is easily available online, at railway and metro stations, bus and tram you have boarded, with newsagents and at supermarkets. Now let’s take a look at different types of OV-chipkaart here below. We also check ov chipkaart nl verlopen kaart, automatischopladen and inloggen guide.

Types of OV-chipkaart

There are basically three types of OV-chipkaart. They are,

Personal OV-chipkaart :

This OV-chipkaart is also known as P-card. There is displayed name, date of birth and photograph on the P-card. This card can only be used by the cardholder. The services offered by the P-card includes passes with different operators, blocking card in case reported lost or stolen, automatic reloading and a credit refund in case of card termination. Also an online transaction view is available with P-card.

Anonymous OV-chipkaart:

Like P-card there is not any personal details display on this type of OV-chipkaart. It means it can be used by more than one passenger. However it is possible to use this type of chipkaart by more than one passenger but not at the same time. This card comes with limited services including credit refund and online transaction view only.

Business chipkaart:

This type was launched in year 2012. TLS makes possible use of the OV-chipkaart in the business market. With this the business card provider can make and distribute business OV-chipkaarts. The business card provider can also offer additional services to customers.

All above mentioned types of OV-chipkaarts are provided by Trans Link. All these offer the same capabilities and can be used with all public transport companies. However they may be printed with the company colours and/or logos for different public transport companies.

Also the OV-chipkaart is available in disposable form and reusable versions.

Functionality of OV-chipkaart

As we said OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands is a contactless chip card. The card basically contains a chip. However the chip is invisible and it is integrated into the card. This chip is linked with a transmitter that is made of five copper wires. The chip can converse with national equipment. Well it is important for the required information to be recorded or delivered within a very short time.

Along with such useful services, it allows users to manage their OV-chipkaart accounts online using Mijn OV-chip. Let’s get detailed information about Mijn OV-chip here below.

About Mijn OV-chip

On the official website www.ovchipkaart.nl you can see Mijn OV-chip tab on the top right side of the homepage. Click on this tab will take you to the official log in page of Mijn OV-chip. For more idea, take a look at below snapshot of the same.

You need to enter username and password and then press ‘Inloggen’ button. If you are new to this service then you can click on the given link to create an account first. Also to help you in retrieving the password in case if you lost or forgot a link is available there.

Using this service of Mijn OV-chip you can view all your trips made. You can also check balances; report a card lost / stolen and much more!

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