Passend Lezen Inloggen: Catalogus and Luisterboeken Telefoonnummer

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Passend Lezen Inloggen: Here we will discuss on catalogus, luisterboeken telefoonnummer, passend lezen opzeggen, den hag, vacatures and app. Having life is not enough actually but a fit and healthy life is important. Some people are living but there is something missing in their lives. Yes, we are saying in terms of any physical defect. We see number of such people around us who have different physical problems. Some of them have such problems by born. However they never lose hope and enjoy life with full.

Passend Lezen Inloggen

We really salute such people who create examples for motivations for other people. If we talk about the people who are blind or visually weakened or not able to hold things in hands, they are living such a challenging life. However they also have their own dreams and ambitions like other normal people. Knowledge is like the treasure, right? Everyone wants to get knowledge as much as they can able to collect. This everyone includes both normal people as well as physically unfit people. Which is the best source we think to get knowledge from? Books, of course, right? And for that no other option is as best as the library. Here we will discuss on Inloggen, Catalogus, Luisterboeken Contact and Vacatures Telefoonnummer.

Normal people can go to the library and can read books of their interest but what about them who are not able to read or can’t hold the books in their hands? There must be several options available for them too. Yes, there are options for them too. Such people also can able to enjoy reading in different forms. There are libraries provide such services especially for people who are blind, visually challenged or dyslexic. Today, here about what we are going to tell you is also library service based in the Netherlands. It provides reading services in different forms especially for physically challenged people. In Dutch it is known with the name Bibliotheekservice Passend Lezen. It means Library Service Matching Reading. You will get information here about this Matching Reading Library Service, how it works, how one can join it etc. Before we tell you more about anything else, let’s first take a look at brief introduction of Passend Lezen Luisterboeken, Telefoonnummer, opzeggen, vacatures and den haag here below

About Library Service Passend Lezen

You are not able to read the small print or it is no longer possible to read through a visual impairment or reading disability? Don’t worry about anymore because Library Services Matching Reading is for you there. Library Service Passend Lezen is for everyone whose ‘normal’ reading does not work. Matching Reading is a non-profit organization that offers books, newspapers and magazines in suitable reading formats like Audio Reading, Braille Reading, Reading and Compiling. The exclusive collection at is accessible to readers such as blind, visually impaired or dyslexic people and also for who cannot physically hold a book. Registered office of this non-profit organization is located at Hague, the Netherlands.

Reading is a right of everyone. Reading can always! All thanks to Library service matching reading that makes possible suitable reading solution for anyone with a reading impairment. They make reading pleasure is possible for these special people with all the different reading styles and the extensive collection.

What it offers and how it works?

At Library Service Passend Lezen you will have available,

  • Spoken books
  • Braille books
  • Newspapers and magazines in adapted reading form
  • Custom work
  • Relief work

The collection of Passive Reading contains of more than 75,000 speeches and about 125 spoken titles of popular newspapers and magazines. In addition, there are more than 15,000 braille books available. All this exclusive collection is available for the people with reading restrictions.

All you have to order books, newspapers and magazines in a customized reading form; become a member of Library Service Matching Reading and get registered with. To know how one can become member and join Library Service Matching Reading, please go through below given information.

How to join Library Service Passend Lezen?

To join Library Service Passend Lezen and become a member is very easy and simple. Once you become member and get registered, you will get access to the extensive collection that is exclusively available for people with reading restrictions. All you have to do is to complete the form and sign up for the membership. The membership fee amounts to 28 euros per year. However for children under 18, membership is free.

At the time of membership registration you will have to choose one from different choices including,

  • I want to register myself I want to register
  • an institution
  • I want to register a library
  • I want to register a school

Yes, you need to mention as who you are going to take the membership of Library Service Matching Reading. Once you select and click any of above mentioned options, it will take you to the sign up page where you will ask to enter some details like your name, address, contact information etc.

So, you see how easy is to join Library Service Passend Lezen! For further information you can directly contact as well.

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