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Pathe den hag: In the Netherlands, there are Pathé cinemas in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, Delft, The Hague, Eindhoven, Groningen, Haarlem, Helmond, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Zaandam and Zwolle. Here we will discuss on Pathe den haag spui agenda, scheveningen bioscoop agenda, schouwburgplein, pathe arena, Eindhoven and buitenhof. Either on weekend or on any holiday, watching movie in a theatre is the best time. There are many people who are regular visitor of theatres. They are fond of watching movie in theatre. Well, we can say that it is also one of the ways to get relaxation or change. When you get exhausted with work load and need some relaxation than watching movie in a theatre is not at all bad idea.

Pathe den haag spui agendaWhen you have planned to watch movie then why not go to the best theatre near you? If you belong to the Netherlands then we can suggest you the best one. Well, as since many years this company is providing service in this field, it is no more new name for anyone especially in the Netherlands. Once we reveal the name, for sure you will know more or less about it. Yes, we are talking about Pathe. So, need any introduction now? We think no actually, right? As it is one of the popular names of the entertainment industry and since many years providing services, people know more or less about it for sure. Let’s check about Pathe den haag spui.

Still the people who are new to Pathe and don’t know about what Pathe is; which industry it belongs to; what services are providing by Pathe; what are the specialties of Pathe and many other information can able to get here. We will explain you here in detail about everything. Before we move further in our discussion here and start in detail, let’s first take a quick look at Groningen, pathe den haag buitenhof, pathe den haag scheveningen, scheveningen bioscoop agenda and the company profile in brief here below. This will help you in understand things easily about Pathe.

Pathe Company overview in brief

The full name of the company is Pathé Theatres B.V. however it is doing business as Pathé Unlimited. The company operates a chain of movie theatres in the Netherlands. It also produces feature films, distributes film and owns film and video rights as well. Along with this, its theatres are used as settings for special events too. The company was founded in year 1980. It is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

However the original French Pathe has existed for more than 100 years as the largest cinema in the Netherlands. At present it is a subsidiary of Pathé SAS. There are more than 13.9 million visitors experience the best at Pathe in the Netherlands. The only mission of the company is to provide the most intense cinema experience. For this, around 1400 dedicated employees are working together at there. Today, it is a major film production and distribution company, owning a number of cinema chains through its subsidiary Les Cinemas Gaumont Pathé and television networks across Europe. It is the second oldest operating film company in the world. There are more than 22 movie theatres and multiplexes with more than 168 screens of the company throughout the Netherland. The company is a major player in the European cinema market with more than 26,000 seats.

If we talk about specialities of them then they include Pathe Classics, PAC, Opera, Theatre, Ballet, Music, Sport, Art, Gaming and Pathe Docs.

How one can book tickets online at Pathe?

Thinking of watching movie full of romance or any thriller or comedy, Pathé cinema is the right place for you because Pathe cinema lets visitors experience movies in a lavish and comfortable seating with plenty legroom and best view of the screen. Almost every new and popular movie is shown at Pathe and of course both for adults and children. You can easily book your tickets online so you won’t have to line up in the long queue. Make sure you have your drink and popcorn with you because at Pathe, there is no break in the movie to ensure best viewing pleasure.

You can easily and quickly purchase your tickets at the Pathé Website as well as via the Pathé App. All you have to follow some simple steps to book your tickets online. The steps are,

  • First choose your movie and the movie show.
  • Then select the number and type of tickets you want to book.
  • Select your favourite chair(s) there.
  • Make payment online with iDEAL, credit card or Pay Pal.

That’s it! You have booked your movie tickets at Pathe cinema easily. If you are unlimited subscriber of them then all you have to do is to book with your passport number and PIN only. However for online ticket booking you must have an account with them. You can get detailed information about Mijn Pathe on the official website .

Along with this, Pathe also allows to book tickets by phone as well. You can call on the given number on the website for the same and can book your movie tickets for your choice of movie show.

So, you see how easy and simple to book tickets online as well as by phone at Pathe cinema!

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