Pay As You Drive Insurance Review – Occasional Use Car Insurance Quotes

By | October 2, 2017

All about Pay-As-You-Drive Reviews and Occasional Use Car Insurance Quotes

Pay As You Drive Insurance No Deposit Review: From several years, many car insurance companies have started a new car insurance policy named as Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance which means usage based insurance. It is combined use of information and technology. Here we will discuss on occasional use car insurance quotes. There are many benefits of this system. If you believe that you are a good driver, there is no need to attach a device to car. This device collects information about way of driving and technique to break hard. In U.S. by the end of year 2016, there were more than five million cars which were using these devices.



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Before installation and after that also, people have queries about installing new gadgets. So, for them only, some questionnaires are given below along with answers.

Who offers pay-as-you-drive insurance?

Progressive (PGR), Allstate and Esurance (ALL), State Farm, Travelers (TRV), the Hartford (HIG), Safeco and GMAC are giant companies and provide insurance. Each insurer is navigating red tape allowing usage based insurance to be offered to customers.

How much do drivers save when they use these devices?

Most of insurance companies promise their customers that they will save up to 20 to 50 percent. But it will depend on how you use or drive car. Many of insurers also offer around 10 percent discount at the time of installation.

Can a driver lose money by using the device?

Depend on insurance company, some of them do not cover and mention in their marketing and some company salesman clearly say to the customer that he will not be charged more money or lose policy by using device.

What exactly do these devices measure?

Usually these devices measure a speed of car, the time of driving (day or night) and mileage. Depending on a company, some insurers provide GPS components and speeding alerts by which a driver can track a driving position. It is useful to the parents to know driving of their child.

Who will likely benefit the most from these devices?

There is an insurance plan that uses a telemetric device and charges based on how much you drive, not how you drive. This plan is only offered in San Francisco, Oregon and Washington. Another beneficial party to this device is seniors who live on fixed income and do not drive much. They get more control over their insurance cost.

If a person is in a car wreck, insurer will know the time of accident, speed of car driving and how hard it braked. This is another important benefit of usage based insurance device.

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