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By | August 28, 2018

Kenteken Check RDW: www.rdw.nl Voertuiggegevens and Tenaamstellingscode Aanvragen

RDW Kenteken: RDW is basically the Public Service for Road Traffic. It is the institution that carries out the registration of motorized vehicles and driving licenses in the Netherlands. Here we will discuss on rdw.nl voertuiggegevens, schorsen, tenaamstellingscode and kenteken check rdw. We all know that different departments and agencies make the government of any country. Take example of any government you can see there number of government agencies are working on different tasks. Obviously this system makes things easy for both government as well as people. Because there is a particular agency or say department appointed for particular task so people just have to visit concern department for their queries.

Kenteken Check RDWJust for example if you are buying a new vehicle then as per the rule of the government registration is compulsory of that vehicle, right? At this stage obviously you will contact the concerned vehicle registration department. Let’s check rdw kenteken, rdw ovi and tenaamstellingscode aanvragen. There the whole procedure of your vehicle registration takes place. Actually these government agencies are mostly work at state level. So all you have to do is to visit your nearby vehicle registration agency appointed by the Government for the registration of your vehicle.

However there are many other duties are also performed by such government agencies. Today here about what we are going to discuss is also such vehicle registration government agency based in the Netherlands. Name of this this Dutch government agency is Road Traffic Service that formerly known as Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer. However people better know this agency with its abbreviated name RDW. What is RDW exactly; what duties are performed by them; how one can contact RDW; job opportunities with them and much more other information we are going to provide you here. So let’s very first start with a brief introduction of Rdw.nl Voertuiggegevens, Kenteken Check RDW, Tenaamstellingscode Aanvragen and rdw.nl/schorsen here below.

About RDW in brief

This independent governing body of the Dutch Government performs legal tasks for safe and ordered road traffic in the Netherlands. The name RDW was originally derived from the name Rijksdienst voor Wegverkeer. However this name is no longer official name. Founded in year 1949, this government body of the Dutch Government’s headquarters located at Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

We can say that the RDW is a public service provider in the mobility chain. With having number of years’ experience, it has extensive proficiency in executing legal and assigned tasks. The only goal of the RDW is safety, sustainability and legal certainty in flexibility. The company performs different tasks in close cooperation with various partners in the mobility chain.

What does RDW do?

There are number of duties performed by the RDW. The Dutch Public Roads Administration brings out constitutional duties in the Netherlands. Among them one of the main tasks is to keep track of the life cycle of Dutch motorized vehicles and of course the management of documents like licensees, driving licenses and moped certificates. Along with this the RDW performs legal duties as well. It is also the holder of the license for driving licenses and therefore we can call it the driver of the driver’s license. Here we would like to mention that the registration of fast motorboats is also included in the RDW.

The RDW is also responsible for the safety and environmental regulation of the motor vehicle fleet of the Netherlands. In addition, the RDW registers vehicle and owner data as well as issues relevant documentation such as vehicle registration certificates and driving licences. It also provides information to domestic and foreign authorities. Along with all these duties, with the specialised knowledge, the RDW advise interested parties to meet at the EU and ECE levels, play a central role in international information exchange and cooperate in combating fraud, crime and terrorism.

In short we can say that the core tasks of RDW includes,

  • Approval of vehicles and vehicle parts on the Dutch and European markets
  • Monitor and check the technical state of vehicles, in particular safety and mileage requirements
  • Monitoring RDW-approved companies such as garages and dealers.
  • Information and registration of badges and driving licenses.
  • Documentation of registration certificates and driving licenses.

Working at RDW

Working with any government department itself is an honour, right? Who would not like to work with a part of Dutch Government? On the official website www.rdw.nl you can able to get detailed information about on-going vacancies at there. If you found vacant there any suitable post for you then you can apply for the same. Who knows maybe you get an opportunity to make career with the RDW. The rdw.nl also provides Job Alert facility as well. So you can sign up for this facility and can able to know about whenever there are vacancies announced by them. In fact this is the best way to stay updated about job opportunities at there.

For further information about working with them, you can leave your details online on the website. The company will contact you in few business days. All you have to fill up your name, email address, phone number and message about regarding what you are trying to contact the RDW.

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