Secrets regarding health insurance policies

By | September 19, 2017

Workplace health benefits and secrets

One insurance company had made slogan ‘Just because you are insured, doesn’t mean you are covered’ before few years. Millions of television viewer had watched this ad that contained secrets regarding insurance. Many people get insurance coverage but it never gives guarantee to payout a claim. Secret could mean the difference between a healthy, debt-free stay at college and a small heap of medical bills.

Workplace health benefits

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, young people of college age between 18 to 24 years have highest rate of non-coverage. And many young insurance holders don’t know which conditions and treatments are covered by their plan and which one could earn them a denied claim.

An owner of consulting firm ‘Workplace Benefit’ gives tips to college students about health insurance policies, given as under:

  • Know policy and pay attention to the fine print:

First, know every facts and conditions of the policy and always keep watch on the spending limits on claim and lifetime. The lifetime policy covers a spending limit of $50,000. Plan with higher deductibles also available for students who want to cut down their premiums but they have to hold lifetime spending cap at least $1 million. This is very cheap plan therefore every young adult attract to buy thinking that all are covered but its worst side and weird wordings came into light after injury or illness.

The worst experience was come to know with one student where a student hit in a car accident off-campus. When he went to his insurer with inexpensive student plan, he found out that the plan only covers accidents on their campus. This situation was because of weird language of insurance conditions and lack of attention on rules. To solve complexity about health insurance, students may use online resources like health insurance FAQs at

  • Use your resources, and shop around to find the best deal:

Many students search for only one health plan and sign up quickly. Don’t do this. Ask friends, relatives, family members and also search online for most reviewed health insurances and compare all deals with them. Students who don’t understand the policies or don’t have the time to read conditions carefully might be better off finding a local insurance agent.

  • Take advantage of anything your plan will give you for free:

Most of the insurers offer certain free visit of doctors each year but many young never take advantage of this. These visits are best opportunity for students to make a relationship with physician. It build trust and could save time and trouble later on.

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