Studielink Inloggen, Herinschrijven and Uitschrijven Help

By | December 3, 2018 Inloggen, Herinschrijven and Uitschrijven Help

Studielink is basically the common registration and enrolment application for all non-private institutions of higher education in the Netherlands. Here we will discuss on mijn studielink uitschrijven, Studielink Inloggen, herinschrijven studielink, studielink mijn opleidingen, inschrijvingen and mijn digid studielink. In today’s era only basic or graduation level studies will not work actually. The higher the studies more the opportunities. If you want to make career with sophisticated job and to live the best life style then it requires a higher degrees. Once you achieve the goal and reach that level of studies then nobody will stop you to be on that dream post. Here we will also check help for mijn vooropleidingen studielink and studielink mijn gegevens.

Studielink Inloggen

As we know nowadays in every sector you will find a tough competition. In even education the situation is same. Either it is basic studies or any higher degree studies; you need to give your best to survive in that competition. And your fight begins with getting admission in your choice of college or university. Is it really easy, do you think so? No, it is not actually. Nowadays the cut off levels are also very high for admission in good colleges and universities. After spending number of hours in queue for the admission, some students cannot able to get admission.

However with time, education system also gets changed and became digitalized. Yes, now from the admission to finalization, up to end everything done online. Actually this change helps a lot to students especially. Now they can easily manage things online from their home, no need to spend hours in standing queue for admission process. Here we are going to discussion on such website that helps students in admission and further processes. Name of this website is What is Studielink exactly and how it works, what useful online services this website provides and many more information we are going to provide you here. So let’s start with knowing about Studielink login, studielink mijn opleidingen, inschrijvingen, mijn vooropleidingen and studielink mijn gegevens in brief here below.


Students can use Studielink to submit a digital registration application to an educational institution. What exactly Studielink do is arranges the exchange of information between the potential student and the higher educational institution. With this, students arrange their own enrolment at a college or university in the Netherlands and their application to the Education Executive Agency (DUO) as well. This is the only place whether to send a change of address message even.

At Studielink, students can enter information; check them and then use as well. This whole procedure also applies to all bodies involved in the registration process including colleges, universities and DUO. It was founded in year 2007. Studielink was developed by Stichting Studielink and the affiliated educational institutions. The office of the organization is located in Utrecht, at Hoog Catharijne. In just few years this non-profit organization has made name in higher education industry in the Netherlands.

At Studielink, students can make an enrolment application to institutions for higher education in the Netherlands. However additional admission requirements may apply to a study programme.

How to use Studielink?

As mentioned above, Studielink is useful to arrange your own enrolment or re-enrolment at your institution of higher education online in the Netherlands. You can easily find Studielink through the websites of your institution of higher education, or directly via the application Studielink. For that, just go to in your web browser. Here on this website you can able to get detailed information about how does it works, also the help information while using Studielink, information about student grants and loans at Studielink etc. For each type of information there is a separate link available on the website.

Well the whole procedure of enrolment and admission is online, it is necessary to have an account on Then only you can able to access all these services online. So let’s get know now here below about how one can login Studielink.

How to log in Studielink?

Well there are basically two ways you can login Studielink. One is directly via Studielink and other is inloggen with DigiD. What the main difference between two of these is direct login is for every student while log in with DigiD is for only students who are the residents of the Netherlands. So let’s first know about how to log in directly.

Login via Studielink

On the homepage of the website you can see two login options where inloggen via Studielink is one of them. Click on this option will take you to the page where you will ask to enter your log in details. For more idea take a look at given snapshot.

All you have to do is to enter your username and password and press login or cancel accordingly. In case if require then to help you there is a link also “Forgot username and/or password”.

Login via DigiD

This is the other option you can see on the homepage for login. Click on this option will also open a page where you will ask to enter your DigiD username and password.

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