The Best Medical ID (Identity) Theft Protection Plan Review 2017

By | September 8, 2017

How to Protect Yourself from Medical Identity Theft – Protection Plan Review

Best Medical ID theft protection: Here we will discuss on how to protect you from Medical Identity Theft and protection plan review 2017. Before starting article on medical theft, let’s first take an incidence. A lady went to a doctor and told him that she needed a CT scan of her head and sinus. When doctor take his insurance policy, he came to know that lady didn’t have coverage. Lady was very surprised to hear this. She was paying premium regularly and very well knew about coverage. After checking, she came to know that her medical identity had been stolen.

Medical id theft protection

The addresses on her credit card and bank accounts had been changed without her authorization, and her health and auto insurance had been canceled. She spent more than 100 hours on phone talking with officers of insurance company to take help. But it was too late. Medical bills cost her around $10,000 to $20,000 out of her pocket. Apart from this, the emotional cost was too heavy that more than two years it took to get her life back in order. You can buy the best medical identity theft protection plan online.

This was the case of medical identity theft. According to a study of Ponemon Institute, about 1.5 million Americans have suffered from medical identity theft, which cost about $29 billion. There was a case of psychiatrist and her receptionist who were stealing patient information. Many gangs were getting their wives and girlfriends jobs in pharmacies, medical and dental offices to theft information of patients.

Check reviews on medical id theft protection plan. Paper medical records create serious privacy threats for patients. They can be easily being lost, because of inappropriate safeguards. Patient medical data is safer with electronic medical records than with paper. Insurance agencies, government agencies, private sector human resource departments and outside consultants often retain digitized medical records to keep track of their clients and employees. Here are some steps to protect self from identity theft:

  • Be aware about which ways personal information can be misused. Many people put photos, hometowns and personal health information on social networking site where a chance of stealing is more. Do not provide insurance details to anyone over the phone or Internet without legality of communicator.
  • Always check medical bills, credit reports and medical records. If you receive a collections notice for medical services or equipment that you never received, immediately call your medical services provider.
  • Do not sign on any paper without reading fully. Request your doctor, insurer and medical provider not to use personal information without your consent.
  • Person has a right to get a copy of records from any of medical care providers, if he is a victim of medical identity theft.

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