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By | January 26, 2019

Inloggen bij Toluna – My Survey inloggen: On daily basis in our routine we use number of products and services of different brands and companies, right? Sometimes it happens when we get unsatisfied with the product or service. It happens to all of us mostly. What we do at that point? Some of us not take any action and avoid using that brand of company’s product again while some also do complaints regarding the same. In short that matter stops there only. Here we will discuss on Toluna Inloggen steps and kan niet inloggen toluna. What we felt that unsatisfactory of the product or service, if we will not say others then they will also feel the same, right? We know you are thinking like how it possible to let know other people about such thing. Well we are not saying about only bad side of the products or services. Sometimes we are happy with the performance of the product and services then also it is good if others let know that, right? But how, it is the main thing. If we say that there is an online platform where you can share such experiences then? Yes, you can do so. You can be a part of surveys and can give your opinion about brands, products and services. Now you will ask where it is possible then the answer is Toluna. What this Toluna is and how it works, we will explain you in detail here. Before moving on any other discussion let’s first begin with a brief introduction of Toluna here below.

Toluna Inloggen

What is Toluna?

Well, what customers think about the products and services is equally important to know for the companies or say sellers as well, right? It is only possible when such companies take surveys about their products and services experience from the consumers. This is what exactly Toluna do is. Toluna is basically an online community. It is a leading provider of real-time digital consumer insights. Toluna is renovating the way marketing decisions are made by bringing consumers and brands together. It is the world’s largest social voting community of 10 million members across 59 countries. The company operates 21 offices in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and MENA. It provides an online market research tech suite that enables organizations to create surveys, manage panels, and build communities. This privately held company was founded in year 2000. Toluna is basically a group of companies that operates from the head office situated at France. Here we will focus on what is Toluna Netherlands.

What Toluna offers?

Toluna provides marketing research, data collection, reporting, and visualization products to market researchers, insights professionals and companies all over the world. The company serves healthcare, media and entertainment, financial, non-profit/education, travel and tourism, communications agencies, and CPG/retail/manufacturing industries. The company believes that it is important that everyone’s voice is heard. It believes that let the world’s largest provider of products and services know what you (consumers) think of them. For this you (consumer) need to participate in surveys and of course you can earn rewards as well.This also helps businesses to know how they distribute their products and services and promote to consumers like you. Toluna also provides you a platform where you can also let them know what you think using polls and opinions you create directly on Toluna. Not only this but also the polls and opinions you create on Toluna, you can add on your own personal blog or website. And guess what, all the services that Toluna website offers are free. In addition, by participating in many of the activities on Toluna you can earn points as well. In short we can say that Toluna is specialist of Online Research Panel, Online Communities, Online Surveys, Research Technology and DIY Surveys.

Well for this whole online procedure, registration with Toluna is compulsory. How one can register as well as log in Toluna toknow about, take a look below.

Register / Sign in Toluna

On visiting the official website you can able to see subscribe and log in options on the top right corner of the homepage. If you are already a Toluna member then you can click on “LOG ON” option to log in your Toluna account for online access. If you are new to Toluna and still not having Toluna account then you need to subscribe first. Click on “SUBSCIBE” option and follow the steps accordingly. Once you successfully subscribed on Toluna, all you need to do is to just log in your Toluna account. Toluna inloggen page looks normal as other pages.

Toluna also gives you an option to connect with Facebook as well. To inloggen Toluna, enter your username and password you have set while subscription procedure and press the “LOG ON” button. You can take help of the link “What’s my password?” in case you forgot then. If you wish the device to remember your log in details then you can press “Remember me”.

For further details or help you can contact Toluna by sending your query online on the website.

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