Top third party insurance companies in Netherlands

By | September 22, 2017

Best third party insurance companies in Netherland

Know what third party insurance is?

Third party insurance has been declared under motor vehicle jurisdiction. This is also known as third party liability cover. Here we will discuss on the best and top third party insurance companies in Netherlands. As the name suggests this policy is related to third party. Whenever motor accident occurs, there is always a third party other than insurance company and insurance holder that is involved. This policy is for this third party that is involved.

Third party insurance Netherlands

This policy gives coverage to the third party that is involved and not to the one that has policy. In case of accident if the third party dies or gets injured then this policy gives claim to the third party.

This has now been made compulsory by law. Hence all insurance company has to make provision for this policy. Whenever a person buys motor vehicle in India, the dealer here joins the amount of policy coverage into the selling price of the vehicle. Let’s check the list of the best third party insurance companies of Netherland.

This insurance coverage includes third party coverage too. Third party coverage is a smaller amount of the total insurance policy. The third party coverage premium is decided on the basis of advice given by ERDA’s advisory committee. However the coverage that is to be given to the suffered third party depends on the income of that person.

Check third party insurance companies in Netherlands 2017. Hence it is clear from the article that third party motor insurance will not give cover to you or your vehicle but will rather protect and give coverage to the third party that gets affected due to you. The policy will cover- death or injury to third party, damage done to the property of third party, damage done to the insured vehicle or to its owner or death of the insured vehicle or the owner of the vehicle.

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