UK New Car Sales Fall 2017 – New Car Registrations are Falling

By | September 6, 2017

UK car sales fall for consecutive fifth month

UK car sales figures 2017: Car sale in UK is falling for the fifth month in a row with 6%-7% decrease in the month of August. Demand for diesel car has been plunged to over fifth. New car registrations are falling since April and this is the largest decline seen in the UK car market after 2011.


Car sale in UK

According to the data released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) auto industry, the number of car registrations in the month of August is about 76,433. This is down by 6.4% in comparison to the number of registrations in August last year, whereas the Diesel car sales have been hit by drastic fall of 21.3%. The total sale of car in the year 2017 is down by 2.4% with respect to the sale in last year.


To improve the decline in Car sales, several car manufacturers have come up with attracting schemes and trade-in deals which include popular car sellers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Renault, Toyota and many more. Scrappage schemes have also been launched. Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive describes that one of the aspect that affected sale of car the worst in August as consumers and businesses delay purchases of new cars as they wait for the new number plates to arrive in the month of September.

With arrival of new plates, new models of cars in the showrooms, the car makers are hoping that car sale will go up in the month of September.

Discount, deals and scrappage schemes may boost up the sale, but many are skeptical about it as low consumer confidence and pound getting weaker are also important factors contributing to deteriorating conditions. UK service sector growth is at 11-month low currently and consumer capability has become a matter of serious concern.

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