UK Weather Updates: Howling winds and heavy downpours has swept across Britain

By | September 10, 2017

Britain is drenched in fortnight worth of rain in a day today

Howling winds and heavy downpours has swept across Britain with fortnights’ worth of rain in a day today. The downpour is likely to continue. The worst hit areas are South East and mid Wales. The rain is set to wet the summer.

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According to the weather forecast, no one will escape in Britain from downpour. It is likely that some of the area will receive 30 mm rain within next 24 hours. Predictions are also that brisk winds could also turn into gale-force on Sunday and Monday and winds can blow at speed of up to 50 mph. The windy condition will spell patchy showers only which reduces risk of flooding.

Dorset Bestival was badly affected and the venue was turned into a mud bath. The music fans were left to battle heavy rain and howling winds. Ice cream and other stalls at the festival site were left untouched due to gusty winds.

With fortnights worth rain in a day, Britain faces a washout weekend. It is likely that south coast will suffer a prolonged heavy rain up to 20 mm today followed by the strong gales later this weekend. In some of the areas, the rain could be as heavy as 40 mm.

Over the next coming weeks, weather will remain unsettled and intermittent spells of shower and sunshine will continue across the UK. The country is to face a wet summer as rain is set to batter it.

Weather analysis finds a lack of change in the air. The maximum temperature in most of the regions can be 71F which is much below average.

Brighton has received three times rain than usual in the last 11 days. The environment agency has issued a flood warning to the region.

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